Rocky View Schools Trustee

Leadership comes from our values. Here are some things that are important to me.

  1. In a growing city, it gets more challenging to know how residents view each issue and what is important to them. This is why community engagement is so important to me. I will continue to push our Board to actively engage our public using a variety of appropriate methods and then to ACT on the information we discover.
  2. Political leadership means using a pattern of listening to others and truly understanding the issues at hand. I will continue to listen carefully and then voice your concerns clearly and effectively. As I listen to others the things I can add to the conversation become more clear.
  3. Today's educational issues are complex. Stakeholders have many viewpoints. Adapting and understanding is necessary. After each decision, I will respect each stakeholder, both those who agree and those who disagree with my opinion.
  4. This value can be difficult in a board setting but our current Board accomplished great team work while holding many contrasting opinions. If re-elected I will keep working towards Board unity while voting freely for or against any motion that we debate. If my vote loses, I will work to make the decision of the Board work.